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1 ES File Explorer File Manager

ES File Explorer File Manager

File Manager
Multimedia Explorer
Cloud Storage

2 nPlayer


Video player with powerful streaming playback and various convenient features.

3 File Commander - File Manager/Explorer

File Commander - File Manager/Explorer

Local device file access
Local networks (Windows/ Simba client based)
Cloud accounts - Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, DropBox, Box, OneDrive and SugarSync account
FTP/FTPS support
Remote shares
Sharing via email, Bluetooth or WiFi Direct
Storage Analyzer, Secure Mode

4 X-plore File Manager

X-plore File Manager

Access local or remote files
View images, video, sounds, texts
and more

5 WiFi FTP Server (無線LANのFTPサーバー)

WiFi FTP Server (無線LANのFTPサーバー)


6 USB OTGルートクラウドFTPファイヤTV用ファイルマネージャ

USB OTGルートクラウドFTPファイヤTV用ファイルマネージャ

emmc、内蔵SDカード、外付けSDカードなどのすべてのタイプのストレージを表示するUSB OTG On-The-Go(非ネクサスデバイス)
Images / Videos / Audio / Applicationファイルのフルサムネイルをサポートしています。
App Managerを使用してお気に入りのアプリをメモリに保存し、必要に応じて再度インストールします。
Box、One Drive、Google Drive、Dropboxなどのクラウドストレージ内のすべてのファイルを管理できます

7 Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Connections: Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP), Apple Remote Desktop (ARD), VNC, Wayk Now, SSH, Tunnel, Port Forward
Remote Connections (continued): Telnet, FTP, SCP, SFTP, WebDAV, Intel AMT, Devolutions Proxy, AWS Console, Azure Storage
Remote Connections (continued): Explorer, Beyond Trust Password Safe, Beyond Trust Password Safe Console, Dell iDrac and more
Password Management: Manage your passwords and credentials from your centralized database or your local XML file
Save your data on: MS SQL, XML file, Devolutions Online Drive, Devolutions Online Database, Devolutions Server, Dropbox, etc

8 File Transfer

File Transfer

It is quick and easy, no configuration required
No need to enter an address to connect, devices are automatically discovered
Select files and they are transferred to your devices and computers in seconds, without USB cable

9 FolderSync


Sync files to and from your cloud storage
Supports multiple cloud vendors
Scheduled and automated syncs
Support for automation tools like Tasker/locale
Contains full-featured file manager

10 FTP Server

FTP Server

1. Read/Write files/folders of memory card from PC
2. Simple, light weight and fast
3. No Setup required. Simply start FTP Server and GO.
4. Customize Home Directory

11 Web Tools: FTP, SSH, HTTP

Web Tools: FTP, SSH, HTTP

FTP & SFTP client
Utility for HTTP tests
Reachability - Check availability by ip address
Internet speed test
And much more ...

12 Software Data Cable

Software Data Cable

Secret peer-to-peer message with nearby phones or desktop
Send contents (file, folder, app, video, mp3 etc.) to other phones wirelessly
Send contents to computer (and vice versa) without USB data cable
Easy to use - scan QR code to connect PC and other phone
Sync folders to family storage (PC, laptop etc.) and cloud automatically
File manager - organize and manage your files and apps
Transfer speed up to 300Mb/s
Standard file transfer protocol
No mobile data plan impact
Extend mobile storage space without cost

13 Software Data Cable

Software Data Cable

Synchronize data with computer without data cable
Synchronize data with other Android devices (direct push)
Auto sync folders on phone (PAD) to computer (cloud storage) on your choice (daily, weekly basis)
Data transfer happens in private (local) Wi-Fi network (easy, secure, fast and no data plan impact)
Integrated powerful and easy to use File Manager
Data transfer speed up to 54 Mb/s

14 Servers Ultimate

Servers Ultimate

Run over 60 different servers from your device!
Over 70 protocols available!
16 network tools available!
Example servers: FTP, SSH, WebDAV, MySQL, PHP, SMB, Git, and more!

15 無線LANのデータ転送



16 VidOn Player HD

VidOn Player HD

ハードウェアデコードと最大1080 PでHDビデオとムービーを再生します
FTP、UPnP、NAS、SambaとDLNA からビデオをストリーミングします
ボリューム, 明るさ, 早送りと巻き戻しに対応するジェスチャーコントロールがあります

17 Dictadroid Lite - Voice Recorder

Dictadroid Lite - Voice Recorder

Protect recordings with passcode
Pause/Resume while recording or playing
Insert/Overwrite recording modes
Automatic Voice Activity Detection
Audio Gain Control
Record/Play in the background or while screen is off
Automatically compress the audio files
Share via Email, FTP, Box, Google Drive, Dropbox
Choose between light / dark themes
Support for home screen widget

18 Spark Lite - HTML Editor/FTP

Spark Lite - HTML Editor/FTP


19 Wi-Fi FTP Server - Multiple FTP users

Wi-Fi FTP Server - Multiple FTP users

Wireless File Transfer
FTP File Transfer
Protect USB charging port
Multiple users with multiple paths
Session monitoring

20 Unix Admin: FTP SFTP SSH FTPS


A lot of protocols implemented with integration between them (FTP, SFTP, FTPS, WEBDav, SSH, TELNET)
SSH signals like CTRL+C etc.
Sort files by various parameters
Great choice of file system encodings
All file system actions: rename, cut, copy, delete, edit.

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21 WIFI FTP Server ( WIFI File Transfer )

WIFI FTP Server ( WIFI File Transfer )

Data Cables are not required to copy files
The computer doesn't need to have drivers it does need installed
Compatible with Windows Explorer and other FTP client tools (such as FileZilla)
No mobile data plan impact
Wifi FTP allows you to COPY, VIEW and DELETE user files.

22 FTP Express

FTP Express

Background transfers.
Resume support.
FTP compression (MODE Z).
Media scanner support.
FTP over IPv6 support.

23 OpenExplorer


Complete file system management, including USB and other external media
Multi-select File commands: Copy/Cut/Paste/Delete
FTP/SFTP/SMB Networking
Multi-tab Text Editor

24 File Explorer Manager Free

File Explorer Manager Free

File Sharing supported via Bluetooth Email & Messaging
Zip & Unzip files
Copy Move Delete and Organise the Files & Folder

25 primitive FTPd

primitive FTPd

server runs only when manually started (configurable)
shows notification when server is running
prevents standby to avoid long uploads and downloads to abort (configurable)
displays ip address and port to easily connect
optional encryption with SFTP
server can be announced in LAN

26 FTP Explorer

FTP Explorer

Powerful mobile FTP client
Easy to use navigation

27 Admin Hands: SSH/FTP/SFTP/TLN


Batch actions: Download, Upload, Execute
Execute command or script on machines!
SSH terminal and Telnet terminal (full color terminal) embedded
FTP client and SFTP client embedded
Ultra fast multi-threading, up to 128 threads!
Additional keyboard with special characters and arrows!
Import/Export data to another devices
Password Generator
Organize your hosts by group, Copy & Paste hosts, Save your hosts to CSV/XML/HTML, Batch ping hosts (two methods)

28 FileGo


Provides detailed file management functions
Enables file viewing, copying, renaming, and backups
Provides drag-and-drop functionality
Includes multiple search fields
Simplifies media management

29 Bluetooth Transfer Trial

Bluetooth Transfer Trial

Download or upload files via bluetooth
Transfer apps
View shared files/folders
Create/Delete folders/files
View log of all FTP transcations done. (New feature)
View shard apps and option to install them (New feature)

30 Turbo Manager™

Turbo Manager™

File Manager
Navigation drawer for file browsing.
Application Manager
Customization: Material Design and colors
Read and extract ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR and TAR archives.
Cloud Management: Google Drive
Root explorer

31 WiFi Data Sharing

WiFi Data Sharing

Upload or download multiple files at once using WiFi Data Sharing App.
Play audio songs & Video songs directly from your phone using the browser using WiFi Data Sharing App.
Upload entire folder structures using WiFi Data Sharing App.
Delete, rename, copy files of all types.(except system files)
Password authentication as you set & can be changed anytime.

32 SpeedShare  -  Wifi FTPクライアント

SpeedShare - Wifi FTPクライアント

- 簡単なワンクリックFTP接続
- 使いやすい
- ルートは必要ありません
- WiFi接続によるクイック転送速度

33 Android FTP Server

Android FTP Server

Transfer files to and from your Android device over the Internet
Transfer files between Android and Windows
Transfer files between two Android devices
Transfer files between Android and any other devices

34 Wifi file transfer Ftp

Wifi file transfer Ftp

High speed file transfer
Delete, rename, copy files using the built-in file manager interface
Simple widget for easy using
Runs as a background service
Light weight of app

35 Servers Ultimate Pro

Servers Ultimate Pro

サーバー例: FTP、SSH、WebDAV、MySQL、PHP、Git等

36 Sizable Send - Tablet Version

Sizable Send - Tablet Version


37 Auto Uploader

Auto Uploader

Automatically and transparently upload files

38 N File Manager

N File Manager

- Provide the proper functioning of the type of the file.
- The storage of the device, you can easily find the folder / file.
- You can navigate USB memory stick.
- Running on the device, or you can check your installed apps.
- Support thumbnail.
- Support Cloud service(Dropbox)
- Support Windows SMB
- Support FTP service

39 SME Cloud File Manager

SME Cloud File Manager

Store all your important files with unlimited memory
Manage all your files in all formats within your cloud accounts
Share your files and create business groups
Take advantage of large amounts of free and secure memory
Breeze through Android SMEStorage's intuitive interface

40 WiFi File Transfer

WiFi File Transfer

Provides a web interface to transfer files to/from SD card of your android phone/tablet to other devices/laptops/PCs
Simple and easy to use interface.
Transfer files over Wifi home/office network or over wifi-tethered network (wireless AP)
Avoid using USB cables for file transfer and copy/backup files over Wifi

41 FastFTP


FTP server application is the fastest and smallest size

42 Bluetooth File Transfer

Bluetooth File Transfer

Use any Bluetooth-ready device to manage your mobile files
Browse, explore, and manage files on your Android device
Receive files and send contacts easily

43 FSync


FTP Client
Device Browser
Auto and manual sync

44 Easy WiFi FTP Transfer

Easy WiFi FTP Transfer

- File transfer between PC/MAC/Linux and android which are in the same WiFi network.
- Compatible with Windows Explorer and other FTP client tools
- No mobile data plan impact.
- High Speed Data Transfer.
- Copy files
- View files
- Backup files

45 File Expert with Clouds

File Expert with Clouds

Ability to write to ex SD card on Android 5.0+
Manage both local and Clouds files freely
Powerful Safebox to keep file security
Smaller Apk size for a better operation performance
Support for both PC 2 phone and phone 2 PC Wi-Fi file transfer

46 WiFi File Explorer

WiFi File Explorer

access the files via internet browser
access the files via windows explorer
access the files via FTP program

47 Cordless Transfer

Cordless Transfer

Transfer File without USB cable
Read only mode will give you more security
you can set your own username, password, port and root path of FTP server
WiFi File Transfer can be possible only if your computer and Android device connected to same WiFi

48 DG WIFI File Transfer

DG WIFI File Transfer

Data Cables are not required to copy files
The computer doesn't need to have drivers it does need installed
Compatible with Windows Explorer and other FTP client tools (such as FileZilla)
No mobile data plan impact

49 CalendarSync - trial

CalendarSync - trial

Calendarsynchronisation using CalDAV, WebDAV, FTP, Calendarfiles, E-Mail,...
Calendar management, Backups, and many other features
Customize and adaptable, but it also will guide you through the configuration
Supports many different servers and services
First class support, simply write me mail

50 Wifi Booster

Wifi Booster

Amazing application
Don’t you hate it how complicated it is to know if you can actually connect to some available wifi where ever you are.
You MUST be connected to a WiFi network! This app will refresh WiFi connections & improve WiFi signal.
1.) Turn WiFi "On" in device Settings.
2.) Connect to WiFi network & sign in if it's a secure network.
3.) Tap on “Boost” and voila! enjoy your max speed now.
4.) After boosting your network capabilities, don’t close this application… simply exit tapping the home button of your device
This quality application should boost wifi reception and improve wifi reception on your Android devices!
You don’t have to be a techie or a nerd to use this app, is very easy to use!
Download it now!


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