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1 High School Life Simulator - Virtual Classroom

High School Life Simulator - Virtual Classroom

Amazing Virtual Simulation & Fun
Epic Faculty 3D Environment
Realistic virtual school simulator
Thrilling Secret Running around Corridor
Save yourself from nasty virtual teacher
Attractive graphics and sound

2 Stay Home Fitness

Stay Home Fitness

Watch video workouts
Add/remove videos to/from favorites
Watch recommended videos
Choose a video by categories

3 Interior Design: Stay Here

Interior Design: Stay Here

いつでもどこでもプレイ。 Wi-Fiやデータがなくても
楽しいゲームでブロックをマッチ&ブラストして、美しい家を飾りましょう! 秘密、報酬、興味深いストーリー–すべての隠れた家具をつなぎ合わせる

4 Rest Your Eyes - Take a break from the screen!

Rest Your Eyes - Take a break from the screen!

Receive alert to rest your eyes
Customize alerts interval
Customize alert title and text

5 Pigeon Prank Call

Pigeon Prank Call

-Fake Calling from Pet
-Schedule fake call
-Customize fake call id, number, picture
-in-call voice and ringtone
-real custom voice
-Stay at Home and play with pigeon Prank calling

6 OYO : Book your favorite Rooms with the Best Hotel Booking App | Great Offers & Best Deals on Hotels & Homes

OYO : Book your favorite Rooms with the Best Hotel Booking App | Great Offers & Best Deals on Hotels & Homes

Experience a new & improved login flow
Introducing OYO Rupee - Pay for your room bookings using the new OYO currency
Introducing OYO Now - Get exclusive deals for a limited time in One Click. Look out for the OYO Now icon
Book Now. Pay Later with a new deferred payment option
City Storefront - Explore the cities of your choice with our handpicked collections and curated content about the city
Opt-in to receive updates about your booking and other details on WhatsApp

7 New.Fat.Burning.Workout - Stay at Home.Weight.lose

New.Fat.Burning.Workout - Stay at Home.Weight.lose

Easy workouts
Medium workouts
Hard workouts
Quick and effective workouts maximize fat burning

8 RedAwning


Travelers: View & manage your reservations including check-in and driving instructions
Travelers: Search over 100,000 vacation homes & properties
Travelers - Book a reservation
Property Owners / Managers: View reservations for your properties
Property Owners / Managers: Communicate easily with guests
All users: Reach our customer service team 24/7

9 Aramghar Homes

Aramghar Homes

Vacation Homes
Wedding Guest Accommodation
Short Stay Rentals
Short Term Rental Homes
Holiday Homes

10 Work from home - make money with internet business

Work from home - make money with internet business

The employment landscape is changing dramatically in recent years, more and more people are looking to work from home and make money from their own couch.
If you are looking for a way to work from home and feel that you’d rather make money from home instead of commuting daily to work, this is the place for you.
Whether you’re a stay at home mom that wants some extra time for her family, or maybe just someone who wants to be in charge of his own time, there are some wonderful opportunities for you to work from home.
In this short 6 lesson course, we will try to open your mind and show you how it can be done.
We will discuss about NNеtwоrk Mаrkеting, Dirесt Sаlеѕ, Blоgging, Rеvеnuе Shаring, Drор ѕhiррing, Investing in the stock market and more amazing opportunities for telecommuting.
Learn to use tools like WordPress, Udemy, AdSense and AdWords planner
To make things easier for you we added notes system that allows you to write and save your thoughts and ideas. Also, you can use our lesson scheduler tool, that will remind you when it's time for your lesson.
Download now!

11 Home Workouts - 30 Day Fit Challenge

Home Workouts - 30 Day Fit Challenge

* Totally free!
* Portable and user-friendly!
* Simple and easy UI tutorials with video instruction.
* There is having the wide range of varieties.
* You may share app link via social media.
* You can also add your Favorite video in Favorite list
* All tutorials are divided into their appropriate categories

12 HomeSuite


home suite, rental, furnished apartment, renting, short lease, short term lease, hotel, housing, relocation, travel, temporary housing, corporate housing, extended stay

13 Getting Yourself Organized!

Getting Yourself Organized!

How to organize your life
organizing tips
how to declutter
home organization
how to stay healthy

14 Stay Close - Family Care

Stay Close - Family Care

Know where your loved one is, without intruding
If they're at home, or on the road
How active they've been
During travel, if they've landed and when
Latest weather, battery and wi-fi status

15 Work From Home Jobs - Working At a Time To Suit You

Work From Home Jobs - Working At a Time To Suit You

Work From Home Jobs - Working At a Time To Suit You Avoid rip off schemes
Find out about selling on eBay and amazon as an option
Sort through real careers
Work full or part time
Something to suit everyone’s circumstances



1. List the name and profile of the hotel.
2. List the rental price hotel.
3. List information Hotel rooms.
4. Booking.

17 Vitamin Water Recipes Stay Healthy and Hydrated With Homemade Vitamin Water!!

Vitamin Water Recipes Stay Healthy and Hydrated With Homemade Vitamin Water!!

You must have heard about the commercial “Vitamin Waters” available in the market, a drink that claims to be excessively rich in different type of Vitamins. Well, it may be right. However, bet you didn’t know that the commercially available “Vitamin Waters” have actually been termed unhealthy by many nutritionists. And even if they are not, still nobody can deny the health and cost benefits of homemade Vitamin Waters as compared to those sold in grocery stores.
This book presents some amazingly delicious and healthy recipes of homemade Vitamin Waters. With so many recipes and flavors, you won’t get bored of drinking Vitamin Waters.
Most of the ingredients mentioned in this book are found in our kitchen pantry and if not, you can get them easily from any grocery store. Kids, teens, adults or the elderly, the variety of recipes laid down in this book caters to the taste of all.
So don’t just stop here! Continue reading and treat yourself with some deliciously healthy Vitamin drinks.

18 Skins Stay at Home Moms

Skins Stay at Home Moms


19 Christian Stay at Home Moms

Christian Stay at Home Moms

Articles for the CSAHM Discussions from Facebook Latest Updates and News Bible Studies

20 Pets Home Alone Live Wallpaper

Pets Home Alone Live Wallpaper

Everything is now possible to enjoy interesting images. Advantages of our live wallpapers obvious, as they
free of charge;
they are easy to download and install;
configure them may even child;
they do not overload the memory of the mobile device.

21 Vacation Rentals Park City

Vacation Rentals Park City

22 Home Remedies

Home Remedies

Great collection of home remedies for many health problems
Here are some reliable home remedies for :-
- BEAUTY - face, skin etc
All remedies are off line, you can read them quickly,
there is no loading of remedies from Internet !!!
Stay healthy at home !!!

23 Get And Stay Organized

Get And Stay Organized

Get And Stay Organized Contents
=> 10 ways to remember even the tiniest details of your life
=> How to relieve stress through organization.
=> 15 secrets to discovering organization in your every day life
=> 9 things (that are probably cluttering your house to throw out today.
=> 8 places to remove clutter from your life.
=> 3 steps to dealing with papers and documents to keep your desk, office, or kitchen counter organized.
=> How your disorganization can effect (and annoy others.
=> 5 ways to let order reign supreme in your life.
=> 3 rules for deciding to keep or throw out your personal stuff.
And there's MUCH more - guaranteed!

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