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1 AirReceiver


Support AirMirror. The best screen cast performance on Android. Fully support IOS12 and the latest Youtube video.
Support Google Screen Cast. You can cast your android screen to your FireTV using Google Cast.
Support DMP/SMB Client, you can directly pull media content from NAS server using your FireTV.
Support automatically/manually load external subtitle(.ass,.ssa,.srt) files.
The only third-party device which support audio sync with other AirExpress/AppleTV devices.
Compatibility with AirParrot/AirSender. you can use AirParrot/AirSender mirror your PC screen on your Android Tablet.
Windows Screen Mirror: Download and Install the Free Tools AirSender in your PC(http://www.remotetogo.com). Click the icon of "AirSender" at Windows status bar, select the Device running AirReceiver.
Stream audio/video/photo from AirPlay and DLNA clients, Support slideshow feature.
Run in the background as a service and started on boot.
The only one AirPlay/DMR/Google Cast application supporting FireTV.

2 TVer(ティーバー) - 民放公式テレビポータル - 無料で動画見放題

TVer(ティーバー) - 民放公式テレビポータル - 無料で動画見放題


3 dTV --映画、ドラマ、アニメならディーティービー--

dTV --映画、ドラマ、アニメならディーティービー--

多彩な18ジャンル 約120,000作品を配信

4 GYAO! - 無料動画アプリ

GYAO! - 無料動画アプリ


5 Apple TV

Apple TV

Apple TV+ では、「ザ·モーニングショー」、「See」、「ディキンスン」、「フォー·オール·マンカインド」、「ゾウの女王」、「Helpsters」、「ゴーストライター」、「サーヴァント」など、毎月新しい Apple 独占オリジナル作品をご覧いただけます
サブスクリプション登録したチャンネルを視聴し、家族と共有できます。チャンネルは、オンラインでもオフラインでも Apple TV App で広告なしで再生できます。追加の App、アカウント、パスワードは必要ありません。
新しく公開された映画をチェックしたり、10 万を超える映画やテレビ番組をカタログから探したりできます。4K HDR 映画のカタログは世界最大規模です。

6 Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV

Adds support for Amazon Fire TV Edition
This version also includes bug fixes.

7 Amazon Music

Amazon Music

Amazon Music Unlimitedで、新曲から名盤まで、4,000万曲以上が聴き放題

8 Spotify Music

Spotify Music

モバイルで無料で聴く - 好きなアーティスト、アルバム、プレイリストをシャッフルモードで聴くことができます
タブレットで無料で聴く - 好きな曲を好きなときに聴くことができます

9 Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa

Alexa App is a companion to your Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap and Show for setup, remote control, and enhanced features.
Amazon Echo is hands-free and voice-controlled, never requires charging, and is at home in the kitchen or in any room.
Alexa is always ready to play your favorite music, provide weather and news updates, answer questions, create lists, and much more.

10 Amazonプライム・ビデオ



11 Piano Tiles 2

Piano Tiles 2


12 Magic piano Tiles Pink

Magic piano Tiles Pink


13 vTube for YouTube [FREE]

vTube for YouTube [FREE]

Designed specially for your Amazon devices.
Support casting to FireTV, AppleTV and other DLNA compatible smart TVs!

14 Tasty Slice

Tasty Slice

Hundreds of Levels
Dozens of Knives
Unlimited fun
Free game

15 AirServer Connect

AirServer Connect

Project to multiple AirServer, in sync, at the same time
Outstanding picture quality
Better performance when compared to Miracast and Chromecast
Built in QR Code scanner to enable connectivity with AirServer on a restricted network

16 無料で音楽聴き放題!!-iLoveMusic-MP3連続再生



17 VoiceFirst.FM


This Week In Voice
The VoiceFirst Roundtable
The Voice of Healthcare
The Alexa Podcast
Artificial Intelligence
All on your Amazon Fire TV!

18 文豪ストレイドッグス 迷ヰ犬怪奇譚

文豪ストレイドッグス 迷ヰ犬怪奇譚


19 AirPlay Receiver - UPnP

AirPlay Receiver - UPnP

Air Play receiver is the best receiver available for android phones and kindle devices .
It supports google screen cast / chrome cast / dlna.
It supports live streaming of screen and audio from macbook , iphone etc
It works in the background, streaming media to your Android device.
It's special suitable for Android TV/Box and FireTV.

20 SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar

SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar

easy to set up
two-way-sync of iCloud calendars
syncs to the native Android calendar
operates invisible in the background
syncs alarms

21 Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Connections: Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP), Apple Remote Desktop (ARD), VNC, Wayk Now, SSH, Tunnel, Port Forward
Remote Connections (continued): Telnet, FTP, SCP, SFTP, WebDAV, Intel AMT, Devolutions Proxy, AWS Console, Azure Storage
Remote Connections (continued): Explorer, Beyond Trust Password Safe, Beyond Trust Password Safe Console, Dell iDrac and more
Password Management: Manage your passwords and credentials from your centralized database or your local XML file
Save your data on: MS SQL, XML file, Devolutions Online Drive, Devolutions Online Database, Devolutions Server, Dropbox, etc

22 Clever Clip Pro fro Evernote - Webクリッパーの決定版

Clever Clip Pro fro Evernote - Webクリッパーの決定版

Webページ全体の保存 - 簡単にページ全体を保存できます。
クリップ範囲の指定 - クリップ範囲を指定できます。
プレビュー機能 - Evernoteへ送信する前にクリップ結果を確認できます。
バックグランド対応 - 送信完了まで待つ必要がありません。
様々なクリップスタイルを選択可能 - 『シンプル』『スタイル付き』『URLのみ』
PDF保存対応 - PDFファイルのURLも保存可能です。
ログイン保持 - クリップする度に毎回Evernoteへログインする必要がありません。

23 ロケットプレーヤープレミアムアンロック



24 Opera Mini Web ブラウザ

Opera Mini Web ブラウザ

Ad blocker
New page-loading animations
Stop button in the bottom navigation bar
Feature hints
New news feed layout
"Add to home screen" option in the address bar "+" menu
Installation and startup time improvements

25 Calm Radio For Fire TV

Calm Radio For Fire TV

Over 400 channels for members (no commercials)
Over 200 free sampler music channels (with commercials)
Members also get HD audiophile listening up to 320k
NOW with MultiMixing capability. (members only)
Classical music, pop rock, solo piano, acoustic, relaxation, new age, meditation, roots, baroque, symphony, popular music, adult contemporary easy listening

26 AirTV: Watch Local TV Anywhere

AirTV: Watch Local TV Anywhere

HD locals – Watch your favorite local channels in HD
Whole-home WiFi – Access local channels wirelessly via your home WiFi
Sling TV integrated – Seamlessly integrate local channels with Sling TV
Mobile-ready – Watch your local channels anywhere with a phone or tablet

27 Sonos


60,000局ものラジオ放送を無料で楽しめるSonos Radio

28 iSyncr PC版(試用版)

iSyncr PC版(試用版)

既存の iTunes プレイリストやライブラリと連動させて素早くセットアップできます
USB ケーブルを使って、または WiFi 接続でワイヤレスに同期できます
複数の iTunes ライブラリとシンク

29 Granny Smith

Granny Smith

Granny Smithは、最新の映像技術を使用。カゴや窓に激突して破片が飛び散るのを見届けよう!*魅力的なな世界観を楽しもう!誇大ビジュアル –魅力的なワールドをズーム!
直感的な2ボタンコントロールで、Granny Smithを動かそう。
Grannyをパワーアップ− コインを獲得してGrannyにヘルメット、バナナの皮、野球ボールを装備
Grannyが年取ってしまったら、ScruffyとStanley 2人のキャラクターを使用できます。

30 Air Receiver - UPnP DLNA Pro Media Screen mirroring app for kindle fire phones and tablets

Air Receiver - UPnP DLNA Pro Media Screen mirroring app for kindle fire phones and tablets

Airplay upnp mirroring fire tv
DLNA Support: dlna media player, dlna for kindle, dlna app direct, dlna receiver, dlna music, dlna fire, dlna streaming.
Screen mirroring to smart TV, screen mirroring for kindle fire, screen mirroring assistant, screen mirroring apps for android devices
UPnP Support: UPnp media Player, UPnp WIFI, UPnP picture frame.
Mirror app: Mirroring app for kindle, mirror cast app, mirror image photo.
Airplay: Airplay upnp, airplay app mirroring.
Airplay dlna receiver pro, airplay apple tv, airplay upnp iphone.

31 Android Auto

Android Auto

splash screen of start stop engine
Real time digital clock
Special Docking digital clock

32 Remote for Apple TV - CiderTV

Remote for Apple TV - CiderTV

Navigate your Apple TV without jaibreaking it
Adjust Smart TV volume from same screen
Handy built-in keyboard lets you to type texts, logins and passwords and rapidly send them to your Apple TV screen
Compatible with many Android devices (even without Infrared blaster)
Control multiple Apple TVs from one screen
Play/Pause your Apple Tv from widget

33 Kids Flix TV: watch video clips for kids, play fun educational games

Kids Flix TV: watch video clips for kids, play fun educational games

使いやすいインターフェイス: タップしてスワイプするだけ
100% 無料-アプリ内購入なし!

34 Sonos S1 Controller for Android

Sonos S1 Controller for Android

60,000局ものラジオ放送を無料で楽しめるSonos Radio

35 WSOP 無料ポーカー (World Series of Poker)

WSOP 無料ポーカー (World Series of Poker)

World Series of Poker限定特典!4時間ごとに無料でチップをプレゼント!
CIRCUITトーナメントー スピーディーなゲームプレイと豪華賞品が揃った、テキサスホールデムポーカー・トーナメントで競いましょう!すべてを手に入れましょう!
World Series of Poker BRACELETSーポーカーで最も名高い賞品です!

36 WebMoney


This is a web browser.
This is same as other web browsers.
Experience a new way of browsing.

37 Animated Lightning View - Watch HD Views of Rain & Lightning

Animated Lightning View - Watch HD Views of Rain & Lightning

- High definition graphics.
- HD Audio and custom track selection.
- Smooth Transitions and color effects.
- Brightness and music control.
- Special frames for scenic view.

38 My Pretend New York City - Big Apple Friends Big City Playhouse FREE

My Pretend New York City - Big Apple Friends Big City Playhouse FREE

Explore everything that New York City has to offer in My Pretend New York City! Tap the map to begin exploring the many venues in our BIGGEST game offering yet!
Explore Broadway where all the famous musicals & shows are happening in New York! Get into the dressing room & try on all the extraordinary costumes! Then head over to the stage, and choose from 3 different themes!
Check out Central Park, one of New York's most beautiful parks and venues! Hop on the boats, or go to the Castle, and watch the Fireworks display at night!
See the Statue of Liberty, and head over to her crown! No lines or crowds and unecessary wait times!
My Pretend New York City - Big Apple Friends & Family Summer Vacation Trip is great fun for all ages!!

39 Input Event Checker

Input Event Checker

List events sent by external keyboards, mice, game controllers
Print input events sent by Bluetooth / Wifi / USB headsets
Draw joystick axis movements
Measure input latency

40 Food Mod for PE

Food Mod for PE

Select the Mod to install.
Click "Install Mod" button.
Simple and easy to download.
Awesome Mod.

41 Android FTP Server

Android FTP Server

Transfer files to and from your Android device over the Internet
Transfer files between Android and Windows
Transfer files between two Android devices
Transfer files between Android and any other devices

42 dream browser

dream browser

Google Direct
youtube direct
facebook direct
amazon direct
and evrything

43 Touhou images anime manga game picture

Touhou images anime manga game picture

images slide show and auto play music

44 LoveApple2



45 Reflector 2 - AirPlay Receiver

Reflector 2 - AirPlay Receiver

Add AirPlay Mirroring and Streaming to Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.
Wirelessly mirror any AirPlay-capable video, audio or device screen, to your Android device.
Mirror multiple devices to one computer for side-by-side app comparisons, multiple presenters, competition, screen monitoring and more.
Password protect or use a pin code with Reflector 2 to limit access and keep unwanted presenters out.
Use AirPlay on your Mac or AirParrot on your PC to mirror to Reflector and share your computer screen.
Works great with iOS 8, 9 and 10.

46 Clash of Knifes

Clash of Knifes

Hundreds of Levels
Dozens of Knives
Unlimited fun
Free game

47 Launcher Theme for iOS 11 / os 11 HD style

Launcher Theme for iOS 11 / os 11 HD style

1. Apex Launcher
2. Nova Launcher
3. Aviate Launcher
4. ADW Launcher
5. Action Launcher
6. Smart Launcher
7. Next Launcher
8. Go Launcher
9. Holo Launcher

48 Universal Remote for Home Theatre - Ezzi TV (Smart TV and media player control)

Universal Remote for Home Theatre - Ezzi TV (Smart TV and media player control)

Watch movies, enjoy TV shows, series and listings, navigate menus, control volume, switch channels
Control your home theater devices one-by-one from a pretty designed screen or set them to work together in an "Action";
Set up watching parameters and save them as "Action";
Play scenarios with any combination of supported devices with just a tap; peel-in to your favorites;
Set TV channel you want on;
Control your Samsung / Sony / LG WebOS or NetCast TV volume remotely;
Set up the output volume device;
Setup input (HDMI connection port) for your device (the option is especially suitable if your TV is connected to many source devices (STBs) simultaneously: Xbox game console, media player, sound system, set top box, DIRECTV standard digital receiver and others. So you can select what port (connected device) Ezzi TV should choose while playing the Action)
Enable subtitles on Apple TV 3G (not for ATV 2G or 4G).
Ezzi TV app is the only REALLY SMART remote app letting you to control devices remotely one-by-one or even simultaneously and - what is more - save favorite watching settings as Actions.

49 PeopleTV - Watch Celebrity News

PeopleTV - Watch Celebrity News

* Free! No authentication or cable subscription required
* New original shows daily that aim to entertain, empower and inspire you!
* Includes one-on-ones with A-listers, powerful documentaries, reunion specials and more
* Live coverage from star-studded red carpets and marquee events

50 Trivia for South Park - Fan quiz for the cartoon series

Trivia for South Park - Fan quiz for the cartoon series

3 difficulty levels
track scores
400+ questions

「Apple」の別カテゴリをみる:全体パソコン・周辺機器食品、飲料工業、科学ペット用品文房具、オフィス製品家電&カメラ時計ジュエリーKindleカー&バイク用品おもちゃデジタルミュージックギフトカード映画、テレビファッション(Kids&Baby)本、漫画、雑誌(和書)スポーツファッションベビー&マタニティ趣味ホーム&キッチンゲームファッション(Women)ファッション(Men)アパレルミュージックDIY、工具、ガーデンヘルス&ケアソフトウェアPrime Video

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